Cloud Business Partner

Nasoft USA's Cloud Computing approach along with a Cloud Business Partner in portfolio analysis, enabled the company in record time of four months, with the following benefits:

  • A Software as a Service Application, eliminating the need of setup costs, capital expenditures and maintenance costs.
  • Predictable and On-demand flat fees based on number of loans
  • A flexible and customizable platform
  • Increased control based on Service Level Agreements
  • Vendors were connected to "The Cloud" based on the preference of the company

Case Study: National Servicing Company

The servicing company was in need of a platform able to help
them manage the values of their assets. The company faced
two different alternatives:

  • Invest in building their own infrastructure
  • Utilize the services and products offered by
    Value Added Networks (VANs)

Investing in their own infrastructure, although
attractive, embraced concerns about the total cost
of ownership and a significant time to develop.
The company decided that building their own
infrastructure would increase the risk of losing
business opportunities within the current
economic cycle.

The company realized that while value added
networks offered the benefits in simplifying the
relationship with vendors and the use of out-of-
the-box products, VAN's were not capable in
offering custom automation of
company's business
processes. In general
engaging with VAN's
offered lack of business
control and the potential lost of
the company's competitive

Nasoft USA's Cloud Computing
offered unique
"Economies of Speed", allowing
the company to focus on their
core business, while keeping
their IT resources dedicated to
more critical business requirements.